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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 'evergo'?

An end to end scheduling mobile and web solution that enhances the virtual consumer experience through customer management, video communication, and real time bookings.

How can I register to become a part of 'evergo'?

A business or someone who wants to start taking bookings can only register on our website, and the application usually gets approved within 24 hours. On the other hand, an end user who wants to book for certain sessions can register on both our website and our mobile app.

What are the benefits of registering on 'evergo'?

evergo will give you the ability to reach a global market in a matter of minutes without the need to constantly be open. Once you set your availability, customers can book, pay, and join in real time without having to contact you.

To find our more, feel free to schedule a call with a specialist from our team.

Can I add my team and their schedules to my account?

Yes, vendors have the option to create users accounts for their team with custom permission on what they are allowed to do on the dashboard. Team members can then log in with their credentials, manage their schedules, host calls, and generate revenue. The admin of the account will be able to monitor and approve activity on their dashboard.

How do video sessions work?

Our Session Categories section is totally customizable. You can add a new session category and adjust or deactivate at any time you want. We have two main subcategories depending on your needs:
● Video Streaming
● Video Conferencing
They both have a dedicated board that depicts the event and the details associated with it, such as the event’s ID, name, schedule, duration, date, time, number of attendees, approval status and actions. evergo was developed with you in mind, a business person that needs more solutions and less headache. It’s time to get your free time back.

What are the charges involved?

It’s completely free. We start by giving you 30 free calls and then charge a fixed fee of USD 5 per call if it takes place.

What happens if I pay for a call and don't get any bookings?

Any call that does not get any bookings gets refunded on your account and can be used for creating another session.

Can I display my upcoming sessions on my website?

Yes, you can use our ready made plugins/builders and display all your availability and sessions directly on your website.

Does evergo support multiple currencies?

Yes, we support 10 currencies that include USD, GBP, EURO, BHD, KWD, AED, EGP, OMR,QAR, and SAR.

When will evergo release my payments?

evergo will directly settle all outstanding amounts on a weekly/ two week cycle, depending on the country.

Where can I accept payment from?

You can use evergo to accept payments from all over the word that are part of the Visa and MasterCard network.

How do refunds work for our customers?

Users can book and cancel up to two hours before the time of the session. At that point, it would be at the discretion of the host. Any amount paid for will be refunded into the wallet on the account, and used for any other session on evergo.

Can you cancel a session that already has participants booked in?

No, any session published is not editable after the session gets its first booking.

Can I make offers and promotions on my products?

Yes, feel free to contact us directly on hello@evergoapp.com to see how we can cater to your requests.

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